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 - Hawaii

100% Estate Grown Kona Coffee | South Kona Farms

South Kona Farms produces a coffee that comes from the micro-climate of the Papa Homestead overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. South Kona's climate of sunny days with brief afternoon showers, along with volcanic soil and cool elevation, 2,000 feet above sea level, combine to make just the right conditions to produce superior Kona coffee beans. The experience of local farmers who have spent a life time lovingly caring for the coffee plants add to the perfection of each bean.

The coffee is hand picked, washed, and dried by a close knit family. When your coffee is ordered, it is roasted to perfection, packaged and sent to you the following day. The coffee is a mild roast which brings out the best flavor of the beans. This produces a rich nutty tasting coffee that is low in acid.